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Welcome to WetlandForms.com

WetlandForms.com is a complete wetlands delineation datapoint management system that makes it easy to store delineation project and datapoint information and produce data forms for submittal to the US Army Corps of Engineers. Tedious tasks such as calculating dominant species and prevalence index are completely automated, and results can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word document - ready to be printed and sent to the COE.

Currently, the WetlandForms.com main site is fully operational, with the following features:
  • Dataforms for every COE region
  • 2014 National Wetland Plant List with indicators from the US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Ability to add plants missing from database
  • Completed dataforms downloadable in Microsoft Word *.doc format
  • Choice of 4 or 5 plant strata in the "Eastern Mountains and Piedmont" and "Atlantic and Gulf Coastal Plain" regions
  • All dominance/prevalance tests are working properly

We are currently in a free Beta testing trial period. To join the trial, follow the links to create a new account. You will be asked to create a user name and password and also enter information for your company/organization. After your own account is created, you will be the default administrator for you company/organization. As the administrator, you will be able to add other users for your organization. Users from the same organization will have access to each others’ projects and datapoints, making collaboration easy. Further help and instructions are available on the website.