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We Care About Your Comfort! 

Welcome to Chill Factory!

This is the place, where you can order different types of clothes that come with the only special feature common to each and every item - quality and 100% water resistancy! These clothes may come in handy to you in a variety of situations - starting from traveling and hiking and up to working at plants, where your clothes are more subjected to negative excessive water and moisture impact. Here, at Chill Factory, we care about you comfort - we really do!

Our Services

Design and Manufacture of Clothes

We design and manufacture different types and styles of clothes for your special needs. These include uniforms, outdoor wear, kids’ and adults’ apparel, cold weather apparel and accessories, industrial workwear and more - all 100% water-resistant and safe for your personal and job needs!

Manufacture of Accessories

Apart from clothes, we also design, manufacture and offer for sale versatile accessories. When dealing with us, you can choose from automotive accessories, bags, luggage, mobile device accessories, wallets, suspenders, belts and special waterproof accessories for factory and plant workers.



Here, at Chill Factory, we do not only design and manufacture clothes and accessories, but also deliver the orders. We ship parcels not only across the United States, but also abroad. We are proud of such an extensive list of countries we deal with!

Professional Consultations

Do you have doubts regarding your order? Or, maybe, you are not sure about the type and characteristics of products you are looking for? Our professional consultants available online 24/7 will help answer your questions and dispel your doubts. Your safety and comfort are our responsibility!

Our Best Products

This is the place, where you can have a look at our best products - those we are especially proud of. This is mainly uniforms and special clothing for those situations where you are more subjected to the bad impact of the surrounding conditions - be it working or weather conditions. Get ready to see the items you’ll be pleased to choose from!